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Ashley Kostial / Head of Customer Success

Ashley joined the team with a mission to ensure a great experience for all of our customers. She leads trainings, manages  app support, and works with our customers to continually improve and enhance our software to fit their needs. She views her role as that of an advocate and ad hoc teammate to the customer.

Jonathan Stern / Founder & CEO

After 25+ years spent consulting at the intersection of technology and strategy, Jonathan understood the relationship between the two was more than theoretical; it had unlimited potential. He launched SnapStrat to tap that potential and help today’s decision-makers transform tomorrow.

Francis Upton / Founder & CTO

Francis brings 30 years of software development, architecture, and management experience to building a long-term, robust data and analytic future to SnapStrat’s products. After selling his last effort to ETL giant, Talend, and then founding their architecture group, he has the technology vision to match SnapStrat’s aspirations.

Meet SnapStrat

We're on a mission to change the game for the game-changers.

Our Vision

At SnapStrat, we seek to deliver the peace of mind that comes with data-driven and optimized strategic decisions. We take the time to truly understand each customer's business, allowing for a fully customized SaaS tool suited to their needs and objectives.

Our Story

SnapStrat was founded by a team of strategists and technologists who looked at how organizations were making their most important decisions and thought: “There has to be a better way." Founder Jonathan Stern's background in strategic consulting allowed us insights into the strategic decision making landscape, opening our eyes to the lack of support for highly valuable, but often overlooked recurring strategic decisions.

Our Team

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