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Never go off of gut feelings again.

Our intelligent, data-driven decision model let's you cut through the uncertainty to make well-informed, result-driving decisions you can feel confident in.

The Solution

With SnapStrat, organizations create a more structured and strategy-driven approach to their sampling allocation process. The result is an optimized allocation that generates revenue, while allowing you better insights into your marketing impact and more control over product exposure.

The Problem

Which sampling programs have the greatest effect on product sales? Do certain product categories respond better to certain programs? What other factors affect the outcome of the sampling initiative? (Brand, New Product, Marketing Exposure, etc.)

The Background

Product sampling is a massive revenue-generating marketing initiative in several different industries. For retail companies with multiple product categories and multiple sampling programs, figuring out the allocation that will generate the most revenue can be manual, disorganized, and complex.

Use Case: Product Sampling Allocation

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