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We get you to the right decision.

Our intelligent, data-driven decision model let's you cut through the uncertainty to make well-informed, result-driving decisions you can feel confident in.

Use Case: Subscription

Pricing Optimization

The Background

Subscription based services often offer a temporary discount to new users in order to incentivize enrollment. These businesses see a lot of churn when the temporary discount expires, often times either due to the difference between the discount and full price being too large, or the discount expiring at an inopportune time.

The Problem

What is the optimal pricing and duration for a promotion incentivizing enrollment if we're trying to avoid account cancellations upon the promotion's expiration? Which variables could affect a customer's decision to cancel rather than renew? (Discount type, discount amount, discount duration, etc.)

The Solution

With SnapStrat, organizations create a more structured and strategy-driven approach to their pricing optimization process. The result is a reduction in customer churn, while minimizing dilution of revenue per/customer through utilization of proactive and reactive offers optimized for specific customer cohorts.

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